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Cleveland Free Will Baptist  Church
Cleveland, Ohio
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Our purpose as a church is to proclaim the gospel of Christ Jesus and to provide a house of worship and a place of instruction in the Bible, the word of God. We have many ministries geared toward the fulfilling of this purpose.

Below is a discription of some of these ministries.

Our worship services are just that, a time set aside for the worship of God. It is through worship that He ministers to the very needs of our lifes. Our regular worship service are on Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening.

We offer Sunday School for all ages from Nursery to Adult. It is through the Sunday School that we learn more about God through His word.

Music is a vital part of our worship services. The music in our worship services glorifies and honors God and His holiness. Special singing is provided by those to whom God has given talent.

The youth of our church are a vital part of the ministry. YIELD, Youth Involved In Evangelism, Leadership and Discipleship is a ministry devoted to youth from ages 8 to 18 years of age. It is through this minstry that we reach our young people with the Gospel.

The Cleveland Free Will Baptist Church has been in existence for approximately 40 years. In the mid 1950's two churches were organized in the Cleveland area that were to become the Cleveland Free Will Baptist Church as we now know it.

The Bedford Free Will Baptist Church, First known as South Park Free Will Baptist, was organized in Independence, Ohio. In the early 1960's the church moved to Bedford, Ohio and remained in that location until 1975.

The Cleveland Free Will Baptist Church moved to West 14TH Street from West 28TH Street in the early 1960's and remained in that location until October, 1976. During this time the Cleveland Free Will Baptist Church was seeking a pastor and Rev. Robert Prichard was asked to preach there until the church could find a pastor.

Both congregations began to talk about the possibility of a merger of the two churches. In the fall of 1975 the Bedford Free Will Baptist Church and the Cleveland Free Will Baptist Church became officially and legally united together to be known as the Cleveland Free Will Baptist Church.

In March of 1976 a special ground breaking service was held on the present location and construction was officially begun. The building was completed and ready for service in October of 1976.

The church remains in this location today and continues to enjoy the blessings of God.
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